Introducing new website“” to accommodate the event's expansion
"PTT Jet Ski King’s Cup - World Cup Grand Prix 2010” tournament has been receiving great interests from a variety of people including racing teams, riders, sponsors, and most importantly, from both the domestic and international media which is crucial for the growth and expansion of this sport industry because it means the fan base of this sport will get bigger and bigger worldwide.

This expansion has led to the opening of our new website “”, which will serve as a central channel of communication that contains continuous updates and contents to satisfy all sort of your interests, such as History, Top Story, Map, Result, Media Cover, News, as well as a special section to introduce racing teams around the world. Last but not least, clip video and photo section from the event will get improve continuously.
For the racing teams all over the world, we have a collection of all important topics at the “Announcement for Riders" page to keep you updated information from the tournament. With all the benefits this new website will provide, we hope that you will enjoy our new website.

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