TJSBA Approves Thai Representatives to Compete WORLD CUP GRAND PRIX 2011
Thailand, the host of Jet Ski King’s Cup – World Cup Grand Prix 2011 will be held on 1-4 December, has the right to send the best 4 riders of 5 pro categories.

TJSBA who has set policy to select the first and second rank from a champion and a runner-up of Thailand International Watercross Grand Prix 2011, is pleased to announce the list of riders named to Team Thailand as follows:

1.Pro Ski Open Ranking1 Veerapong Maneechom
  Ranking2 Arthit Wongpinta
2. Pro Sport GP Ranking1 Supak Settura
  Ranking2 Chaowalit Kuajaroon
3. Pro R/A 800 Open Ranking1 Chokuthit Molee
  Ranking2 Pradit Buree
4. Pro R/A Open Ranking1 Chaowalit Kuajaroon
  Ranking2 Ekchon Kingchansil
5.Freestyle Ranking1 Veerapong Maneechom
  Ranking2 Somchai Seitang

For the third and fourth rank of Team Thailand will be selected 1 week before the tournament.

10 August 2011