Rius roars
I'll defend my "King of Jet Ski" title against the strong sharks from all corners of the world.
Whether it is the Atlantic, Indian, or Pacific oceans, all the best Jet Ski racers, or the sharks, from all corners of the world have been warned by Nicolas Rius, the current "King of Jet Ski" who swears to defend his crown in the upcoming racing event.


Jet Ski King's Cup-World Cup Grand Prix 2011 is going to take place during December 2-4, 2011 at Jomtien Beach, Pattaya City, Thailand. The Grand Slam features fierce and sizzling races in all 16 categories, starting from Novice, Amateur and Pro. In the biggest category "Pro Runabout Open", you will witness the once-in-a-lifetime fight to become "King of the World's Jet Ski" between great racers from the around the world such as England's James Bushell, 2 World Finals Championship title holders in this category, South Africa's Jared Moore, UAE's Nadir Bin Hendi, Japan's Hajime Isahai และ Norito Nakano, and Aero Sutan Aswar, the rising star from Indonesia. They have to compete with Thailand's racers whose profiles are as outstanding. Yet, "Rius", twice crowned "King of Jet Ski" in 2009 and 2010, boasts he will come back to defend his reigning title to become the first three-time King!

Even the best guru cannot tell who is going to reign supreme in this year's tournament. So, you must see it for yourselves!

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