Thailand Fetches 4 World Cup Champions! 
Chokutit makes the crowd gasp after the fall!

The Jet Ski King's Cup-World Cup Grand Prix 2013 at Jomtien Beach, Pattaya drew a big crowd of locals and tourists. The racing ended with Thailand proudly winning 4 Pro titles out of 5 from the Set
tura brothers, Theera and Supak, and Chokutit Molee who beat the Japanese racer despite a jaw-dropping fall into the water. The last title came with the surprise win of Songwut Lappasappaisan who also outran a Japanese rival. For the Pro Standing, the title fell into the hand of South African Dustin Motzouris who finished first in all the three motos, earning the total score of 180. In the last moto, he played it cool before finishing 6th raising the score up to 216 to win the title. No.2 is Hideyuki Kurahashi from Team Belgium and No. 3 is Austria's Kevin Reiterer.

The unbeatable Settura brothers divided the two titles between themselves with Supak, the World's No.2, wining the Pro Sport title and Theera, the World's No.1, winning the Pro Runabout 800. The surprise win was in the Pro Freestyle where Songwut Lappasappaisan managed to beat Mazao Ueki and Naoya Hamanaka who came third.

The most exciting race was the toughest category of Pro Runabout 1600. The audience had to gasp in the final moto when Chokutit suffered a surprise fall while still in the lead. Quick to get back on track again, he managed to rise and came fifth in this moto. A big cheer came from the crowd when the scores were announced and Chokutit got 211 points, the highest to earn him the title. No.2 is James Bushell from England with 204 points and Hajimi Isahai from Japan won the third spot with 192 points.

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