Eric Lagopoulos

Over the past 16 years I have trained hard to become one of the most well-known personal watercraft competitors in the world. 2011 will mark my 11th year competing at a professional level, 4 time World Champion & 6 time National Champion. Versatile both in offshore and close course competitions, my water training and marathon competitions give me an advantage over other competitors.

I am extremely excited for my return to Thailand to compete for the Kings Cup! Representing Team USA/Jettribe I look forward to bringing back the Pro Runabout 800 Kings Cup to the USA! This will be my 4th time competing in Thailand and with the support of Team Mean, Jettribe, Riva, Scott, Relaxzen, Seadoo, Promarine,Wamiltons, and Hydroturf I intend on winning! I cant wait to see all my race friends and fans in Pattaya!